Building better science: technology and support for academic research

Building better science: technology and support for academic research

The global life science market is evolving rapidly and growing at a steady rate, a trend we expect to increase in the coming years, thanks in part of advances in technology. The industry has also seen real growth in research and development among pharmaceutical companies in drug discovery and clinical diagnostics. Increased funding filtering through from government and corporate sectors encourages research and further innovation in the technology used in the life sciences. 

Chromatography is a big contributor to this growth. A recent report by Marketsandmarkets has suggested that the global market for chromatography instruments may grow at a compound annual growth rate as high as 6.9% from 2017 to 2022, to reach $10.99 billion.

However, the increased demand for instruments and cutting-edge research is also highlighting that the industry needs lab technicians who can carry out the groundwork that leads to scientific breakthroughs. Although that represents a potential challenge for the forecasted growth of the market, there is increasing support available within the industry to encourage building better science.

Progression through collaboration

Strategic academic partnerships are essential for advancing emerging technologies and applications. These scientific collaborations between commercial leaders, like Agilent, and academic institutions can be highly beneficial in enhancing innovation across several fields.

We’re not talking about just financial support, either. The products, expertise, and resources that commercial companies can provide to educational institutions are invaluable in helping train the professors and laboratory scientists of tomorrow. The opportunity to use cutting-edge instruments in the labs gives researchers access to the latest techniques that could help them create results that contribute to exciting developments. Thanks to companies like Agilent, they also have important resources at their fingertips, and instant connections to knowledge and support within the field. Academic partnerships are promoting fundamental scientific advancements to influential thought leaders, who In turn, help build better science for global breakthroughs.

Agilent’s teaching tools

Partnering with Agilent helps research institutions access some of the most trusted and effective solutions available, uniquely enabling insights into their operation and capabilities.

Partner institutions benefit from access to Agilent expertise that impacts critical aspects of academic research:

  • An innovative, wide-ranging, and high-quality portfolio of products
  • Deep experience in promoting collaborative research activity and academic achievement
  • World-recognized technical and customer support service for all aspects of hardware and software.

Agilent’s initiatives in academia include:

Commitment to achievement

Research conducted in academic institutions has a huge influence in driving the future of science. That is why Agilent is so committed to building better science.

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