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Must See Webinars - Agilent

Hi everybody – this week instead of giving you a couple of tips myself, I want to point you toward a whole bunch of tips from my colleague, Rita. I’ve mentioned one of her webinars before, and once again she has topics coming up that I think are especially relevant to anybody who’s been reading this blog.

The first one, “The Chromatography Checklist” is on May 23rd. Many of us have that mental “keys, wallet, phone…” checklist as we head out the door each morning, and having a quick checklist to review before running your sample sequence is at least as important. Rita will cover things like supplies to double check, why we should benchmark our column on our LC system, and the importance of regular maintenance – all things to make sure operations run smoothly. I think this webinar will be especially great to anybody who’s new to LC, or has new colleagues (summer interns??) to train.

Next month’s topic is “Making the Leap: Small Molecules to Biomolecules” on June 26th. Many scientists doing biomolecule separations are really experienced… with small molecules. I see this a lot with users at companies that are moving from small molecule pharmaceuticals to large molecule biotherapeutics. Sure, some details will be familiar, but proteins can behave really differently in ways you might not anticipate. Rita will walk through what’s different and what stays the same surrounding method development parameters, column selection, sample preparation, and troubleshooting. Along with another colleague, I’ll be joining Rita during the Q&A portion.

And if you’re busy on those dates, you can always watch the webinars on demand later. You can register for either webinar here.

Talk to you soon !


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