Protecting your laboratory productivity

It can be frustrating when something goes wrong in the lab. This is especially the case if it’s something you should be able to fix easily, either through a quick repair or having the knowledge to find the solution. You may already have a robust maintenance plan in your lab, but the Agilent services team is on hand to help you do your job even better.

Agilent can provide the assistance, training, and necessary parts to help you service your own instruments and enhance your existing repair processes. Below are some top tips for how to keep your lab running smoothly and how to provide peace of mind in your operations.

Start with skills

Look at the training courses available to help you and your team to enhance your troubleshooting skills and preventive maintenance to ensure peak performance.

Make use of Agilent CrossLab consultants

From sample preparation to final reports, apply the expertise spanning thousands of market-specific applications.

Catch problems early

By carrying out preventive maintenance regularly, you can spot problems before they become more serious, and therefore more costly.

Plan for eventualities

Instrument downtime is both unproductive and expensive. It’s also difficult to plan for, but Agilent engineers offer on-demand repairs so that you’re never without your instrument for long.

Pick your parts

When you’re dealing with an instrument that requires repair, it can be frustrating to have to track down the correct parts. The Agilent online store helps you to find your support parts in seconds.

Going somewhere?

Moving your laboratory or instruments is inevitable for many facilities, and can be a daunting task. The Agilent CrossLab relocation service is the top choice for instrument relocations, whether you’re moving a single instrument, or an entire facility – across the hall or between continents.

If you need help keeping your lab operating efficiently, look at the full range of services offered by Agilent.