Simplifying laboratory methods removes inconsistent results

A common question asked by lab technicians across the globe is: “how do we prevent inconsistent results?” It’s a challenge plaguing many labs, especially when lab throughput is high and extra staff are needed regularly. Agilent CrossLab has been working with customers and provide a network of experts to help with simplifying laboratory methods. Customers can then improve laboratory performance and meet vital business needs.

One food testing laboratory had been using a tried and tested method for several years providing success for liquid/liquid extraction. However, new technicians in the lab found it labor-intensive and varying results began to creep in. The simple Agilent Bond Elut QuEChERS sample preparation method seemed to be a potential solution, yet senior technicians were sceptical it could be as effective.

Can it be so simple?

An Agilent sample preparation expert was brought in and a test was created to compare the QuEChERS results to the current method. It proved that new technicians with limited skill could achieve the same consistent results with QuEChERS as the senior technicians achieved with the current methods.

The lab is now able to achieve consistent results, while saving time using the simpler method.

Standard operating practices improve technician skill

Another lab also benefitted from CrossLab’s support when a new lab manager found that straightforward standard operating practices (SOPs) were missing in their lab. It was causing inconsistent methods and differing results, and the lab manager needed to find a resolution.

The solution

A CrossLab service engineer was able to point the lab manager towards a wealth of videos and free resources on relating to SOP development. As well as creating a full set of SOPs, the lab manager was able to provide the resources to train new users and improve technician skill. These actions resulted in better analytical results across the lab.

Real stories from the lab

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