Work out your workflow and maximize lab productivity

Laboratories are busy environments, with economic constraints and demand for high throughput piling on the pressure. Scientists across multiple fields are having to make crucial decisions around budgets and staffing in their laboratories. Improving workflows to maximize lab productivity is critical. Agilent CrossLab Method and Application Services offers a wide range of services that are designed to help you succeed throughout your workflow – from insight, to outcome.

Optimize your instruments, workflows, and methods

Consultants will collaborate with scientists and laboratory researchers on your site to assess, develop, and deploy workflows. They range from sample preparation through final report, whether you are transitioning to a new system, enhancing an existing system, or running an existing solution.

  • Allow your scientists to focus on relevant results: onsite consultants bring their in-depth knowledge to troubleshoot and get you answers efficiently.
  • Get the right expert for your outcome: partnering with you to design the outcome you want to achieve, and assign the appropriate expert to deliver.
  • Assistance in all stages of your workflow: from sample preparation through final report, across all Agilent technology platforms, experts ensure premium performance.
  • The service is customized to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced users. The service is flexible to your requirements, offering a full-service solution as a one-off project, or regular productivity-enhancing services. The most popular services to maximize lab productivity are shown in the table:

CrossLab method and development services

CrossLab method and development services

A winning solution

Agilent expert consultants will:

  • Assess, develop, deploy, and restore applications to your defined repeatable method.
  • Identify solutions to application problems, and expedite the time it takes to produce quality results with your instrument.
  • Optimize your applications for consistency, quality, cost, and efficiency.

These measures are carried out to maximize lab productivity. The main objective is to deliver actionable insights that will help get your laboratory up and running quickly.

Agilent CrossLab experts have not only saved customers time and money, but have also improved their research results – a winning solution all-round. Read our real-life examples and see how Agilent CrossLab Method and Application Services has helped maximize lab productivity, despite a range of challenges faced.

Real stories from the lab:

Cost savings
Customer challenge: A large food manufacturer was spending a large proportion of its budget each month to send out samples to test for various compounds in an egg matrix.

Insight: An Agilent team helped them initially install an LC/MS system and develop methods to do this testing themselves. Ultimately, they developed methods to separate approximately 1,000 compounds.

Outcome: Improved lab economics by new capability.

Pay it forward
Customer challenge: An analyst at a food testing lab was faced with a new challenge: detecting PAHs in vegetable and fish oils. He had heard of the Agilent Enhanced Matrix Removal-Lipid kit, but wasn’t sure how to use it. He reached out to the online Agilent Community for help.

Insight: An Agilent sample preparation expert helped him modify his method to use EMR-Lipids.

Outcome: The analyst was able to improve his method and get better analytical results. He presented his findings and shared them at the Agilent Community, so others could benefit.

It takes a team
Customer challenge: A food testing lab was having difficulties generating revenue on its application. The time needed to complete the process was too costly.

Insight: The CrossLab chemistries applications team used Agilent Enhanced Matrix Removal to develop a new method.

Outcome: Analytical time was cut in half. The contract lab delivered its customer’s work and good economics for their business.

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Enhance productivity

Why spend time and money developing new methods, restoring methods after a repair, or transitioning existing methods onto new instruments? Choose Agilent CrossLab Method and Application Services, and benefit from a wide selection of services designed to help you succeed throughout your workflow and maximize lab productivity. For more information, visit